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Running a business effectively requires a great amount of support, and the hiring and maintenance of a capable in-house support team can be very expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, many of the most successful companies today choose a simpler, more efficient solution: Outsourcing. A great number of the support processes needed by a business can actually be handled just as well by an off-shore team of professionals as they can in house. In fact, a team of highly skilled and experienced experts can often do this even better than an in house team, and for a much lower price tag.

Streamline your business with experienced back office support

CDS handles numerous non-voice and non-client interactive based business processes for an affordable price that will help your budget. When you call us we provide an expert consultation to describe all the different processes that your business can outsource effectively, what kinds of off-shore resources are required to execute the process, how service quality can be monitored and improved, how you can improve efficiency while reducing cost, and much more. Your consultation will be free, and we can give you knowledgeable advice on what solutions will work best for your company.

CDS has a great strength and wealth of experience with software development, and most of the time we can automate client business processing in order to bring consistency to your operations and reduce your business processing costs.

Our company has years of experience as an off-shore resource for business, and based on your unique business needs we can form a team, learn your particular business process, improve on domain knowledge, and establish processes to execute your business needs as cost effectively as possible. Just a few of examples of the expert back office support we offer include:

  • Almost all data, document, and knowledge managed services
  • Investor Management
  • Report Preparation
  • Contact/Client Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Communication Management
  • Personal or Business Blog Management
  • Data Capturing
  • Proposal Creation
  • Presentation Creation
  • And more

In the last decade, CDS has managed millions of documents and millions of data sets for clients around the world. We offer on-shore management resources to fill the gaps that off-shore solutions can sometimes cause. A knowledgeable, skilled person fully informed of your project will be available when needed for troubleshooting and more.

Call today for a free consultation and recommendation

We can provide dedicated single or multiple resources to your company based on your needs. Our effective project progress reporting system will help keep everything running smoothly and allow us to make improvements when and where they are needed. If you want to find out how off-shore office support can save you money and boost your efficiency, call CDS today for a free consultation.

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Client Testimonial

  • Our team has been satisfied by your teams work thus far. We will be adding more work to your plate this week.
    Canadian Law Firm

  • We will be sending more medical bills and medical records to MLS - your finished product is always awesome!!!
    Neelam Morelos

  • Thank you thank you for your fast turnaround, we really appreciate it!

  • I just received the completed report for Richard Whittenburg. It looks great. The totals and dates reflect the same as my work up. I'll forward the report on to my team and hopefully they find it as useful.
    Kim Frisino-Hurst

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