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Effectively managing legal documents is key in litigation processes, but it can be expensive, time consuming, and generally inconvenient. If documents are poorly or incorrectly coded they can be more of a hindrance than a help. CDS has been working in legal document services for years, and our team has the skill, knowledge, and tools to effectively and affordably simplify everything related to your legal documents so that you can spend less time and money making them useful. When you obtain convenient, cost effective solutions to your legal document organization and access your firm will be able to handle cases more effectively, and your clients and employees will thank you.

CDS offers extensive legal document services

Legal documents require a lot of attention in order to be easily accessible and useful, and that takes manpower and hours that you can't afford to waste. Putting together a team or department and then maintaining their skills and knowledge is an expensive process that you don't have to deal with. CDS can offer all the legal document solutions you need, including the following services:

  • Legal Document Determination (LDD)/Unitization
  • Objective Coding/Bibliographic Coding
  • Online Document Coding
  • Subjective Coding/In-text Coding
  • Full Text Capture

When documents are correctly coded and unitized they can be used to create the most accurate databases that are easier for end users to navigate. Large cases can be handled with the utmost accuracy thanks to the bank of signatures, the databank of names including individual and organization names can be created and maintained, and all documented information will be more accessible to all who need it.

Get quality control and convenience with CDS

CDS has handled over 25 million documents in legal document coding, and our team have become experts of accuracy and efficiency. Not only do we always meet and exceed data quality expectations, but we also meet expected turnaround times without fail. Our team is highly trained to follow a strict three tier quality process that ensures the highest level of accuracy in the legal document service we provide. Each client is assigned with a dedicated processing team according to their unique business needs. These teams undergo continuous training to keep their skills and knowledge up to date, and our processes undergo regular review and improvement to ensure the best practices are always in place. We also find every opportunity possible to simplify the level of processes by developing our own semi-automated tools. The CDS effective project progress reporting system ensures that we know what is being done and what needs to be done at all times for enhanced control.

If you are looking for expert legal document coding, call us today. We offer a free consultation and price estimate, as well as a free 100 documents worth of coding. Improve the quality, efficiency, and convenience of your legal document management strategies with CDS today.

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Client Testimonial

  • Our team has been satisfied by your teams work thus far. We will be adding more work to your plate this week.
    Canadian Law Firm

  • We will be sending more medical bills and medical records to MLS - your finished product is always awesome!!!
    Neelam Morelos

  • Thank you thank you for your fast turnaround, we really appreciate it!

  • I just received the completed report for Richard Whittenburg. It looks great. The totals and dates reflect the same as my work up. I'll forward the report on to my team and hopefully they find it as useful.
    Kim Frisino-Hurst

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