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Digital lead generation is crucial to an effective digital marketing campaign, and you need the right tools to get the job done. Most companies don't have the skilled and knowledgeable personnel on hand to create these things for them, and so they search out the expert services of an off shore resource like CDS. We can help your company by creating everything you need to put your campaign in to successful action. Your business needs a sales pitch, special offers, an attractive website, CRM, custom made content, product catalogs, downloadable content, and so much more. CDS has spent years building all of these necessary pieces for companies around the world, and we can create exactly what you need.

CDS brings your web presence to life

The importance of a solid web presence can't be overstated in today's digital world, which is why we specialize in web design and development services. We have helped hundreds of clients by developing custom web pages and digital tools to help them improve their businesses' images in the digital sphere. Your website can't just be a simple catalog anymore, it must serve as an automated sales person and provide an excellent purchasing experience. We can build and design virtually any tool you need to achieve this, and our services cover a wide range of needs including:

  • Advertisements
  • Branding
  • Catalog design
  • Content writing
  • CRM integration
  • Custom website design
  • Ebooks and checklists
  • Ecommerce websites
  • Landing pages
  • Social media banners and branding
  • Text and voice products
  • Video creation
  • And more...

Clients are visiting your website to do online research about you and your product before deciding to contact you, and it will be the reason they decide to follow through or leave. You want your website to serve as your showroom with hundreds of sales people to answers customer questions. Your website is your brand, reputation, sales representative, knowledge base, video library, client social platform, and so much more. You need your website to engage your visitor and make them want to give you a point of contact, like an email address, social media like or share, etc. Your digital sales start from your website, continue through your email nurturing, and are converted through correctly connecting your sales person with the prospect at the right time. CDS can help you raise your digital sales rate by improving your process.

If you have a web design or development need, we have a skilled team of experts to handle it. CDS will collaborate closely with your company and related teams to maintain brand consistency and make sure every design turns out exactly as you expect. We will not only meet, but exceed your expectations in terms of quality and turnaround time. Using the detailed and extensive research and data from the analysis stage of our services, we will produce a suite of excellent web content and tools that will bring customers flocking to your products and services. We offer affordable pricing models that apply by project or resource, as you prefer. Our pricing can help you save up to 40%, leaving more room in your budget to improve other areas of your company.

If you want the very best web design and development available, then you should call CDS today. We can give you a free consultation and price estimate to show you exactly how affordably you can revolutionize your web presence on a budget and timely schedule.

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