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Medical documents connected to a legal case are crucial, but effectively managing them is a difficult task that takes a team of skilled and dedicated workers countless hours. Creating and maintaining such a team is expensive, and takes up lots of valuable time that you can't get back. Your company has a better option that can improve your business processes and save you money at the same time: Offshore Legal Medical Document services. CDS is a company devoted to providing excellent service at an affordable price, and you can trust us to handle any legal medical document services you have. We can help get your firm organized, and that means you can offer better services to your clients.

E-sorting, indexing, and categorizing services

The effective organization of medical records can make or break a case, and we have an in-depth understanding of this importance. We provide high-level medical records indexing, categorizing, and sorting that will allow your company to navigate your records quickly and review necessary documents right when they are needed.

The reviewing time spent on each case can be drastically shortened, optimizing the time-use of your team. We will paginate the medical records to meet standard legal requirements, and use our own semi-automated techniques to deliver indexes, hyperlinks and bookmarks for improved document navigation.

Medical records summaries

CDS is skilled at creating comprehensive medical records summaries that will save time and effort on cases. Each report will indicate and highlight case critical medical information, and the records will be arranged in chronological order to clearly show the treatment schedule. The summaries are customized and designed to specifically suit your needs. These convenient summaries can save from 25%-40% of reviewing time, streamlining your business processes.

Hyperlinked medical records

We can create hyperlinks that make navigation and document review simpler and faster than ever. Each hyperlink will take the user directly to the source documents they require, creating an instant access. Hyperlinked records pair perfectly with expert summaries and electronic sorting.

Identifying missing medical records

It is crucial to identify and access all the available medical records for a case. The trained staff at CDS reads through the medical files carefully to identify missing records and notes. Our review identifies all the pertinent information, like provider names, service dates, referenced documents, etc., and match everything in the database. If anything is missing, you will know so you can retrieve them. Then we can add them into the case file.

Keyword searching

Medical records are often scanned and converted to PDF files which are not designed to allow searching. CDS will convert your PDFs into searchable PDFs that will allow reviewers to search anything they need. A simple search will yield the required information in seconds, further perfecting your processes.

CDS has handled more than 10 million medical documents for clients, and produced quality results that keep our clients more than satisfied. Call us today to see how we can improve your legal medical document management.

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Client Testimonial

  • Our team has been satisfied by your teams work thus far. We will be adding more work to your plate this week.
    Canadian Law Firm

  • We will be sending more medical bills and medical records to MLS - your finished product is always awesome!!!
    Neelam Morelos

  • Thank you thank you for your fast turnaround, we really appreciate it!

  • I just received the completed report for Richard Whittenburg. It looks great. The totals and dates reflect the same as my work up. I'll forward the report on to my team and hopefully they find it as useful.
    Kim Frisino-Hurst

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